In 1988, Prudential Trust Bank was founded, and for the first 20 years, our primary offering was commercial banking services. In 2008, we changed our model and redirected our strategic efforts toward retail banking. In 2014 we launched  our “The Power of Red is Back” growth plan and began rapidly expanding our community footprint throughout southern New Jersey and the Metro Philadelphia region with our revolutionary, all-glass cube stores. Our customer-centric, focused approach allows our executive team, store managers and all employees to make an impact on each community we serve and exceed customer expectations through a full range of banking offerings. Summer of 2019 marked another milestone for Republic Bank when we opened our first store in the New York City market, bringing back the legendary banking experience that New Yorkers have missed for years

  • including providing the only absolutely free coin counting machines in all of New York. This is only the beginning of our rapid expansion throughout New York City with many more stores planned for the near future.At a time when most banks are shuttering stores and retreating from the communities they serve, Republic Bank’s growth and customer-centric philosophy are providing customers with an unmatched banking experience across every channel, whether in-store, online, on our app or over the phone.


Republic Bank is moving towards creating a major commercial and retail bank with a distinct brand. Our focus now is on innovation, customer satisfaction, brand building, and shareholder value creation. Today, we are one of the largest Philadelphia-based banks, yet we make decisions locally, and we make them quickly. We pride ourselves on our retail-based model focused on convenience and fanatic customer service. We make banking easy for our customers and we get to know our customers so we can better serve their needs.

We are different from the other banks—when we say “convenient” we really mean it. We offer premier conveniences that many other banks do not, such as:

  • Open early, open late
  • Absolutely FREE Personal Checking
  • Absolutely FREE Business Checking1
  • FREE Coin Counting2
  • ATM/Debit Cards “On The Spot”
  • Fee FREE ATM anywhere you see Allpoint3
  • Bank anywhere in-store, online, phone or mobile

It is our pledge to offer customers a simple fun and professional banking experience. We aim to provide hassle-free and customer-convenience-oriented banking products and services that let you enjoy absolute financial peace of mind. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience and you deserve it too. Welcome aboard! Contact us today to activate your Purple Experience

Mission Statement:

Providing superior Financial Solutions and creating value for stakeholders

Our Vision:

“To be a global bank “

Core Values:

Our core values are summarized in the acronym I-CARE and serve as a constant reminder about what our priorities are on a daily basis;

Integrity – We strive to maintain honesty and sincerity in our business, abiding by the highest professional standards and ethics.

Customer Centric – Our customers are at the center of all we do.

Agile – Our dedication to fast, timely results is second to none.

Resilience – We are resolute in our resolve to confront challenges head-on.

Excellence – We pursue distinction in our service delivery.